August Burns Red

Last night was “Tuesday Night” i.e. date night. We have forever had Tuesday’s set up to be our night to spend time with each other. Sometimes we actually go out or just stay home and play cards or watch a movie (which we try not to turn the TV on since that is the usual thing we do to relax after the kids go to be). I highly suggest to any couple that they should pick a night to be date night, this started before we were married when we worked opposite schedules so “Tuesday Night” was VERY important!

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Little Man’s 1st Birthday!

Carver's 1st Birthday!This is a little on the late side, as Carvers birthday was in the beginning of January but I still can’t believe that he’s one now! We didn’t have a big party for him but did do a family gathering with pizza and CAKE! which I made of course 🙂 I still do not have this cake making thing down but practice makes perfect! Continue reading

Lets try this again…

So, yea…. Its been a while. I was having so much fun and then I started to feel guilty that if I had time to sit around and blog then I should be doing _______ (fill in the blank with the multitude of undone things I SHOULD be doing). Of course in the time that I haven’t posted anything I also haven’t gotten a lot of that other stuff done either!

So here I am again, deciding that I want to get back at it. We have a lot of stuff going on and I’d love to share! I’m thinking that this will not be a daily occurrence so I can focus on my other in-completes but also have some fun!

Hope the next post will be something fun, amazing and/or yummy!!