Hi! I’m Sarah DeMello! I live in Portland OR with my hubby, Mike, and 3 kiddos! I pretty much do all sorts of crafts (like crochet, jewelry making, weaving, water colors, and stained glass! and more), cooking, doing things around Portland. We are currently remodeling our home ourselves, but luckily Mike is pretty handy.

I love watching tv, watching youtube, and listening to audio books. I would read books too but I find that I can’t just sit and read any more, too much to do!

I stay at home with the kids (well mainly the youngest now that the other two are in school full time) and hope to find some sort of work that I can do from home… hopefully something crafty!

I am constantly changing my hair and can’t seem to figure out what I want to do with it, I love to wear make up but also love to wear Mikes clothes and get dirty! You’ll most likely find me dolled up one day and covered in glass/paint/dirt the next.


Sarah #2

DeMello Family Photo

Photo: Sara May Photography (aka Sara #3)

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