Pilfering is not cool


Last night my car got rifled through. Not cool Portland, not cool.

I feel lucky that it seems nothing actually got stolen but my privacy feels violated and it just brings back old memories of when this has happened before. I don’t know if its just me or if this happens to lots of people but in my time of owning a car (since I was 17) I have had my car stolen twice and broken into probably ten times. Sometimes it seems like I must have left my car unlocked and others the window was smashed in.

I have a firm policy that before I go to bed I make sure my car is locked and alarm is on (i.e. I stand in window and press my car lock/alarm button on my key chain) but last night I was so tired that I fell asleep early and failed to do this. I hadn’t gone anywhere the day before so my car should have remained locked from the night before…. except my husband had gotten into my car that morning to get something before he went fishing and did not re-lock it. I’m not mad at him, this just firms up my policy to lock my doors and not to keep anything of real value in the car.

It was funny to me cause our dog woke me up twice in the middle of the night, but I assumed it was to go outside to go potty. I got up the first time but didn’t put my glasses on and I’m pretty much blind with out them so didn’t notice anything out the window where my car was. When I let her out she bounded out towards the back fence growling, at the time I thought she must have heard a raccoon or opossum. Mike let her out the second time but he’s pretty much a sleepwalker, so for something to catch his attention it would have to be loud.

As a side note our dog, Ruca, is amazing 🙂


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