From Metal to Mello

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Last week we were lucky enough to go and see Alt J at the Roseland in Portland. Their light show really added to the music, they sounded great and it was definitely a fun show!Alt J @ the Roseland in Portland

It brought me back to when I used to go to shows all the time, usually smaller venues and less known about bands but non-the-less it was fun. My husband was in a metal band, along with every other Portlander, and that genre was the majority of types of shows we saw. If you’ve been to a great metal show you know what its about, the intense sounds, the mosh pit, hardcore dancing and most likely at least one fight breaking out. I can’t recall all of the shows that I’ve seen but some of the ones that I loved were Unearth, Parkway Drive, The Warriors, and System of a Down.

More recently Unearth came to town to play at the Hawthorne theater and I really wanted to go, Carver was only about 4 months old and I wasn’t sure about leaving him with anyone so I didn’t go but Mike did and he said the show was amazing! I definitely regret not going and next time they are here I’ll definitely make it! I do have to say that recently my favorites are Arctic Monkeys, Aloe Blacc, Hozier, and Alt J.

So now you know something new about me… I’m a metal head at heart 🙂

And just cause I cant help it, here’s an OLD photo of myself with Unearth’s guitarist Ken Susi, your welcome for that!

Ken Susi from Unearth



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