Solar Eclipse Birthday!

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August 21st was my 34th birthday! It was also the day of the total solar eclipse in Oregon. I was pretty excited about it last year when I found out that it was happening on my birthday but then with all the hoopla and crazy amounts of people coming here I kind of lost interest…. I wish I hadn’t.


From Metal to Mello

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Last week we were lucky enough to go and see Alt J at the Roseland in Portland. Their light show really added to the music, they sounded great and it was definitely a fun show!Alt J @ the Roseland in Portland

A Penny for Your Thoughts

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Since I am new to blogging I thought I would find some guidance or “blogger education” and I came across the Daily Post’s Blogging University Blogging 101: Zero to Hero. I am coming in late in the game but thought I would follow along with their 30 daily tasks, not sure if I’ll post everything that I write up but I think it will be a fun exercise.

Day three: A Penny for Your Thoughts… what was I thinking when I wanted to start a blog.

Well it kind of has evolved over time and I don’t even recall the original inspiration. Ever since before Pinterest arrived I have been doing crafts, diy and cooking. Luckily most of the things I attempt have turned out pretty well and my friends always ask me about it or want to buy something I’ve made. I think that kind of motivated me to start writing it down and taking pictures along the way so I can share what I’ve done and hopefully make it easier for someone else to try it!