Little Man’s 1st Birthday!

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Carver's 1st Birthday!This is a little on the late side, as Carvers birthday was in the beginning of January but I still can’t believe that he’s one now! We didn’t have a big party for him but did do a family gathering with pizza and CAKE! which I made of course 🙂 I still do not have this cake making thing down but practice makes perfect! IMG_1046

I made two different cakes, chocolate and vanilla and iced them completely different. Blue ombre icing for the vanilla (including coloring the actual cake blue) and a “less is more” approach for the chocolate one, which basically tasted like a big whoopie pie!Chocolate I wanted to buy a second 6×3″ pan but when I went to Joann’s they didn’t have any so I picked up a layer cake pan kit (Wilton Easy Layers) which had 5 single layer cake pans plus I had a coupon so it was less than $7! Carver

I actually really like this pan and think I’ll use it more than my 6×3 spring form since every time I use this one the middles don’t cook evenly… but like I said practice makes perfect and I just need to make more cake! You can see in the picture how the single cake layers turned out pretty good but my spring form pan really dips in the middle.single cake layers compared to spring form cake pan

I used the Miette cookbook “Hot Milk Cake” recipe for the vanilla cake and “Double Chocolate Cake” for the chocolate. I love this cookbook it is so pretty and has pictures, which I enjoy when actually buying cookbooks. Its hard to decide which ones to buy now a days since I can get so many recipes online. Layers of vanilla cake, icing and strawberry jamAnd here is a picture of the girls enjoying their cake and showing how the layers turned out, I used some low sugar strawberry jam that I had in the fridge to a couple of the layers and it was delicious!



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