August Burns Red


Last night was “Tuesday Night” i.e. date night. We have forever had Tuesday’s set up to be our night to spend time with each other. Sometimes we actually go out or just stay home and play cards or watch a movie (which we try not to turn the TV on since that is the usual thing we do to relax after the kids go to be). I highly suggest to any couple that they should pick a night to be date night, this started before we were married when we worked opposite schedules so “Tuesday Night” was VERY important!


This particular Tuesday we had tickets to go see August Burns Red (ABR) at the Hawthorne Theatre, the show was awesome! I really enjoyed Miss May I, who played before ABR and it was so satisfying to go to a show in a smaller venue where you really feel it. I don’t remember the last metal show I went to but every time I’ve been to a show in the past 5 years (which sadly hasn’t been a ton due to, ya know, having 3 children) I think about how I miss going to metal shows and the energy you feel there.

I haven’t been to the Hawthorne Theatre in a long time and it was a nice venue, there was an upstairs loft area with a bar and limited seats. All of the people that worked there that I came in contact with were very nice, smiling and all 🙂 I would definitely go there again.

So in case you get the opportunity to go to a show (whether it is metal or not) I would go! You’ll only regret not going and last year when Unearth came to Portland my husband went and I stayed home with the kids (Carver was only 5 or 6 months at the time) and he said that show was one of the best he’s seen and I was JEALOUS!

Check out the video I uploaded on instagram of a cute marriage proposal at the show last night too! Good Luck Steve & Jessica!


p.s Unearth please come to Portland again 


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