Whoa! It’s been way too long since I have posted anything on here! I’ve been busy raising kids and living life which I think is a pretty good excuse 😉

Since I last posted I have been working a lot on stained glass, crochet, house stuff (still remodeling and always working in the garden), camping and getting outdoors as much as we can!

I have been posting a ton of pictures on Instagram but I am going to have more time (even if its only a teeeny bit) starting in September when the kids get back to school (Mia is starting Kindergarten and Carver is starting Preschool!!) so I am hopeful to keep up with the blog a bit more.




Addicted to Crafting

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am addicted to crafting. Pretty much any kind of crafting but  lately I’ve been doing more jewelry making, specifically bead embroidery.

When I was a kid my aunt took me to some bead shows and showed me how to do some basics and since then I’ve always made random bits of jewelry for myself and occasionally others. I am still learning the ropes and it is very time consuming, this is not a quick bead stringing or wire wrapping, but I really like it and love all the little details. I would love to be able to just make unique jewelry pieces, maybe even source some of the materials myself (we started doing some rock hounding this summer and I am looking into how to cut and polish my own rocks) and sell them for lots of money and live happily ever after….


Maybe one day when I have an actual creative space to call my own and not a dresser crammed high with all my craft stuff in a corner of my bedroom.

My plan is to learn and practice as much as possible and find a little niche to focus on, then when our garage conversion is done and we move into the new master and the kids move into the larger room I will then take over the small bedroom and set up shop! It will be a while but I can’t wait!

In other news I think I am going to join the Mt. Hood Rock Club. I went to one of their meetings and once I am a member I will have access to their lapidary equipment studio so I can learn how to make cabochons (cabs – rock or other material that has a flat side and usually a polished and domed finished side) out of the rocks I find! They also go on “field trips” to do rock hounding which would be really helpful since I really have no idea what I’m doing when we have gone out, lol!

I’ll keep you updated and post more pictures of what I’m making on Instagram and I have a Pinterest board with inspirations and tutorials: pdxchic beeeeeads board

The last necklace I made:black-and-green-necklace

one I made inspired by a commercial I saw for American Horror Story:eye-lips-necklace

This one I used a piece of felt that had a paisley pattern and I beaded part of the pattern:blue-necklace1

Portland Ice Cream Recommendation

We live in SE Portland and we love ice cream.

Salt and Straw is delicious but its not with in walking distance and it tends to have a huge line every time I go there. On Woodstock in SE Portland there is a cute little ice cream shop that has all local ice creams and makes some in shop too. I have never had to wait more than 5 minutes and the ice cream is delicious! Continue reading

Lets try this again…

So, yea…. Its been a while. I was having so much fun and then I started to feel guilty that if I had time to sit around and blog then I should be doing _______ (fill in the blank with the multitude of undone things I SHOULD be doing). Of course in the time that I haven’t posted anything I also haven’t gotten a lot of that other stuff done either!

So here I am again, deciding that I want to get back at it. We have a lot of stuff going on and I’d love to share! I’m thinking that this will not be a daily occurrence so I can focus on my other in-completes but also have some fun!

Hope the next post will be something fun, amazing and/or yummy!!